Life is an extraordinary gift that comes with many surprises: some more difficult than others. The pandemic for instance: who saw that coming? Nobody did! But we treated it as if it were just another obstacle on our paths. And we are all still here. Our Jubilee Community, Our Strength, Our Destiny all remain intact!
Dr. Sylvia Shipman
About me


When I look back over my journey in life, I can recall the times that God began to use me so greatly to minister and encourage others, starting with my peers. My career began as a recovery and family life coach, but when Almighty God asked me to serve, I wholeheartedly replied ‘Oh yes, Lord’” and truly began walking in my power to heal broken marriages, heal the sick, and bring deliverance to those that are bound.

As the CEO of Jubilee Community Development Corporation (JCDC) and founder of the I AM THAT I AM seminar, I equip and empower individuals through total life transforming events. A coachee once told me that Tony Robbins helped them to unleash the power within, and I activated that power by helping them align with their spiritual gifts and step into greatness that was nothing short of their destiny. Hence, where “Destiny” Consulting was born. I am blessed to operate in this calling as a professional Life Coach and Certified Recovery Expert. 

About YOU

When you come to Destiny Consulting, there is a need. Our team is here to serve those seeking societal reintegration after being bound by substance abuse disorders, recidivism, and homelessness.

Through individualized recovery support services, we will bring you through that door and into a life where you reclaim your core power through our Jubilee Mentality, a dynamic approach to recovery that uses evidence-based practices and spiritual teachings.

At Destiny Consulting, we believe that everyone is deserving of respect, dignity, love, and equal treatment–not stigma, shame, and discrimination. In our program, we foster a community of respected and valued citizens, who honor themselves and honor others while voicing the importance of equality and inclusion. 


At Destiny Consulting, we believe you’re worthy of a better life and we want to help you achieve this.

Our team will assist with the creation of a betterment strategy that lays out the foundation for a wholesome life-action plan.

We begin with an in-depth personal assessment that evaluates your strengths, triggers, and individual current situation. Once the assessment is completed, we tailor a personalized betterment strategy that outlines achievable defining goals, sets milestones, and directly battles inhibitors to set you up for success.

Tell us, how do you see your true self? And what do you need to walk the path of your true destiny? 

Are you ready to manifest everything you desire in the world? Take control of your destiny and awaken the truth already inside of you! If you need recovery services, life coaching, or even someone to talk to about the stresses of life, I AM here. If you’re ready to take hold of the life you’ve been given and restore it into a fulfilled life, book a one-on-one consultation or RSVP for the I AM THAT I AM seminar. Your happy, bright, and empowered destiny awaits.

What is Jubilee Mentality?

“Jubilee Mentality” is a dynamic approach to recovery developed by the Jubilee Community Development Corporation (JCDC), that uses evidence-based practices and spiritual teachings. JCDC is an organization that aids citizens striving to reenter society through accelerated assistance, personal development, and life coaching.
Powered by holistic recovery, JCDC provides one-on-one mentorship and leverages a network of resources that allows individuals to cultivate wholesome life-skills that leads to increased employability, mental and spiritual jubilation, and successful reintegration.

Destiny Consulting is proud to be part of JCDC. Together, we acknowledge that there is more than one entry point to recovery; one of those being that everything we want is obtainable by reclaiming the core power within yourself. 

Give from the heart. Rejoice in your spirit.
Help us end the addiction crisis by changing lives with quality care and commitment. Every dollar funds positive recovery efforts and assistance for those overcoming the battle. Change starts with our community, so donate today.

Our Recovery Support Services (RSS)

Destiny Consulting applies the Jubilee Mentality when delivering recovery and empowerment coaching. In a safe, affirming environment, we promote a community that faces and overcomes the adversities related to homelessness, recidivism, alcohol, and substance abuse disorders. We help you to visualize, develop, and solidify a wellness path that is not only aspirational but achievable as part of our Recovery Support Services (RSS). 




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